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Bombbar up against some strong competition for Functional Brand Of The Year

Functional Brand Of The Year Nominees

In our continued announcement of the Brand Of The Year nominees, today, we have those who are in the running for our Functional Brand Of The Year Award. For the last three years, this has been dominated by the Russian company Bombbar, with its relentless pace and incredibly impressive innovation. It is back in the running again this year, although it is up against some stiff competition, all of which have done more than enough to earn a spot on the list of nominees.

  • Barebells
  • Bombbar
  • Grenade
  • Life Pro Nutrition
  • Nano Supps

Each of those brands has jammed a lot into 2023, and in all fairness, any of them would be deserving of our title of Functional Brand Of The Year. Barebells has been busier than ever, expanding its menus and adding a convenient meal replacement, Grenade dropped its unforgettable Oreo collaborations, and Bombbar maintained its quirkiness and creativity, although it hasn’t been as fast-paced. Life Pro Nutrition surprised us on numerous occasions with innovative functional foods, and lastly Nano Supps introduced several ways to conveniently get extra protein.

Sweden’s Barebells, Bombbar from Russia, Spain’s Life Pro Nutrition, Nano Supps, and Grenade out of the UK, have all done what we look for throughout the year to be dominated for a Brand Of The Year Award, and that is keep things interesting from start to finish with consistent and exciting products and innovations. We look forward to announcing the winner of the prestigious award in the coming weeks to see if we have an all-new winner or Bombbar wins its fourth straight.

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