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Black Friday brings a four-pack of Ghost Energy and it works out to just $1.57 a can

Ghost Energy Drink Four Pack

Ghost has rolled out a bit of a surprise during its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale ending later tonight, where you can save a substantial amount more than the usual discount from its ongoing coupons such as “LEGEND” for 20% off. The discount available on everything to celebrate the annual sales event is 30% using the code “BFCM”, dropping the likes of its signature pre-workout Ghost Legend down to $31.49 and its more potent, yet still well-rounded Legend All Out to $38.49.

The shock drop, as it’s being called by Ghost over in its online store at, is a multipack of its hugely successful and popular Ghost Energy Drink. Instead of buying it in cases of 12 or individually from retailers and convenience stores, for a limited time, you can grab a four-pack. It is indeed a box of four 16oz cans of the beverage, with all of the product’s usual highlights, including an effective dose of Neurofactor, B vitamins, and a moderate 200mg of natural caffeine.

The only catch is there aren’t too many flavors available for the four-pack of the Ghost Energy Drink, just two from its double-digit menu in Orange Cream and Cherry Limeade. The price on the box is also incredibly competitive, at a regular $8.99, but for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it falls to only $6.30, which again, is ridiculously impressive, working out to only $1.57 a piece, far from the $2.50 for a $29.99 pack of 12.