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Santini 7 is moving into the amino space after its original blend-style protein powder Hngry

Hngry Eaa Burst

Santini 7 in the UK still has the one sports nutrition supplement on the market, originally named Angry Dog, although now named Hngry, and it’s a protein powder featuring a relatively common blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate for around 21g of protein a serving and under 100 calories. The brand is looking to make a move in the very near future and has announced its second-ever product for a category separate from protein.

EAA Burst has been confirmed and is coming soon to Santini 7, and as per the name, it is indeed an EAA-based amino cocktail. We’re not sure if the supplement has anything else to it outside of aminos, but it certainly has a large enough serving size for a nice amount of EAAs. An entire tub of Santini 7’s EAA Burst tips the scales at 360g, and if that’s 30 servings worth, you’re looking at 12g a serving, which is plenty of room for a good dose of EAAs.

While the formula behind Santini 7’s EAA Burst is a little unknown at the moment, we do know the flavors it’s rolling out in, and there is a good amount. The UK-based supplement company is actually going to have a menu close to its original protein powder, Hngry. EAA Burst is expected to make its debut in the near future, and it’ll have four tastes to choose from in Peach, a classic Orange Mango, the simple citrusy Lemon, and Coconut Water.

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