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Halo Top makes a honeycomb flavor for the UK packed full of chocolate-covered pieces

Honeycomb Crunch Halo Top

The always-enjoyable protein ice cream company Halo Top, which usually squeezes around 20g of protein into a single pint alongside some great-tasting flavors, has just introduced another one of those mouthwatering creations. The extension is a good-looking innovation by the name of Honeycomb Crunch, and as you’d expect, the smooth ice cream that fills out those tubs does indeed have a classic honeycomb taste to it, but that’s not the end of the experience.

Halo Top has also scattered delicious milk chocolate-covered pieces of crispy and crunchy honeycomb throughout the new Honeycomb Crunch ice cream, making for a genuinely authentic experience that’s true to its name. The product has a much lighter level of protein than we’d like to see at 11g with a hefty 58g of carbohydrates and 42g of that sugar, 11g of fat, and 370 calories. Unfortunately, if you’re a Halo Top fan and Honeycomb Crunch sounds like something you’d like to take for a spin, it is currently only available in the UK.

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