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Mars turns Hubba Bubba into a clear protein powder and BCAA supplement

Hubba Bubba Protein Powder And Bcaa

Over the last several years, the candy giant Mars in the UK has been releasing a selection of protein powders and protein bars themed around the incredibly popular candies and treats that fall under its umbrella. That’s included its self-titled Mars Bar, Snickers, Milky Way, Bounty, and even M&M’s. Another family of brands owned by Mars is Wrigley, and one of that line’s most well-known IPs has just become a pair of supplements.

Coming soon to shelves in the UK and Europe from Mars is an authentic Hubba Bubba Clear Whey Protein Powder, made by the confectionery behemoth itself, not a collaboration with a known supplement company. Fittingly, the Hubba Bubba product is indeed a clear protein, offering a lighter, refreshing taste experience instead of your typical milkshake options.

The protein powder has 20g of protein a serving, all from premium whey isolate with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, for a lean 83 calories. The Hubba Bubba Clear Whey Protein Powder comes in two flavors, both classic Hubba Bubba tastes in Blue Raspberry and Cola. Alongside the protein supplement, Mars is also rolling out an authentic Hubba Bubba BCAA Powder, which is a standalone formula featuring the three all-important BCAAs, and it comes in the same Blue Raspberry and Cola flavors.

Once again, Mars is launching its Hubba Bubba Clear Whey Protein Powder and Hubba Bubba BCAA Powder in the UK and Europe, similar to the many other candy creations it has there, like the Mars and Maltesers Protein Powder and M&M’s Chocolate, Peanut, and Crispy Protein Bars, to name a few. The confectionery company doesn’t tend to price its supplements out of reach, so expect to see its Hubba Bubba offerings at reasonable prices.