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International energy drink brand Hype is getting into supplements in the New Year

Hype Energy Drink Getting Into Supplements

Hype is an internationally established energy drink company that can be found in many major markets, including South Africa, Spain over in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The brand’s signature beverage comes in a small 250ml can and features a typical and reliable set of ingredients, including B vitamins, taurine, and 80mg of caffeine. There is also an extensive selection of flavors, such as Mint Lime, Iced Berry, and Twisted, and alternatives like sugar-free and non-carbonated.

While Hype has built its name around its energy drink and found its way into a range of important markets around the world, in the coming months, it is going beyond that and into another closely related industry. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen several supplement companies jump into the energy drink game, which is what Hype is planning to do, but the other way around. The growing brand is looking to get into the intensely competitive supplement space, and with a wide variety of items.

Hype has not shared any insight as to what categories it is going to get into or the quality of formulas we can expect to see in its supplements, although we imagine it’ll involve many of the usual suspects like pre-workout, weight loss, protein powder, and maybe some standalones. As soon as we hear more about Hype’s upcoming dive into the sports nutrition world, we’ll be sure to share it, but until then, head over to to get a closer look at its lineup and details of its energy drink.

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