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Iron Addicts says it’s brought back its original hard-hitting Sidewalk Kraka but has not shared its formula

Iron Addicts Supps Sidewalk Kraka

The story of CT Fletcher and supplements is a windy one, from his line of products when he was an ambassador for iSatori through to the launch of his own brand in Iron Addicts Supplements with the help of Redcon1 founder Aaron Singerman. Iron Addicts relaunched itself several years ago with refreshed formulas, new branding, and some of the same signature titles, including the stimulant pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka.

CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Supplements debuted in the era of potent DMHA-powered products, and its original Sidewalk Kraka was a powerful experience. When it relaunched a few years ago, Sidewalk Kraka was not the same; as mentioned, it brought a different look and formula. This month, CT Fletcher and Iron Addicts have announced, rather vaguely, that the original Sidewalk Kraka pre-workout has indeed returned.

Iron Addicts Supplements specifically says the original Sidewalk Kraka formula is back, which leads us to believe it is referring to the very first iteration, which, as mentioned, was back in the DMHA days. Unfortunately, we don’t get any confirmation of whether that is completely true as the brand has not put the facts panel on its website, but an interesting point is that the newly released version of Sidewalk Kraka does indeed have the same number of active ingredients as the original at 11.

Either way, CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Supplements has brought back its Sidewalk Kraka pre-workout with that original illustration artwork, but no details on what’s actually in the product, just the hint it may be everything from the hard-hitting original. If you’d like to get your hands on the pre-workout, head to, where the returning Sidewalk Kraka is available at $41.25 in Muthafuckin’ Melon and Berry Muthafuckin’ Blast flavors.