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Mammut puts a basic blend of vitamins and minerals into a cost-effective multivitamin

Mammut Nutrition Daily Basics

Over in Europe, Mammut Nutrition is one of the many one-stop-shop sports nutrition brands, offering a nice selection of supplements to cover most needs and goals with various protein powders, high-protein foods, and essential-style health and wellness items. The brand has added one of the more critical day-to-day pieces to its catalog by way of a rather straightforward, cost-effective multivitamin by the name of Daily Basics.

Mammut Nutrition’s Daily Basics says it all right in the title, aiming to fulfill your basic needs in the area of vitamins and minerals with a little less than 20 different entries of that kind. All of the vitamins are dosed at 100% of your daily dietary requirements, including 80mg of the antioxidant vitamin C, 5mcg of vitamin D, and 200mcg of folic acid, with the minerals ranging from 50 to 100%, like 10mg of zinc and 7mg of iron.

As mentioned, Daily Basics from Mammut Nutrition is not overly complex; it’s as simple as the name says, and the price reflects that, with the brand’s own online store selling a typical month’s supply of 30 servings of the mainstream-level multivitamin at €13.99 (14.99 USD).