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Muscleology mixes things up in AMP’D Collagen infusing a touch of energizing caffeine

Muscleology Ampd Collagen

The popularity of collagen supplements has exploded these last few years to the point where collagen is not only a common standalone product with sports nutrition brands, it is also regularly used in other types of formulas, including protein powders, snacks, joint support, and advanced beauty offerings. The team at Muscleology has added a collagen to its lineup this week, but given it a bit of a creative twist.

Muscleology has introduced AMP’D Collagen, which does indeed feature a solid amount of premium branded collagen by way of 11g of Clean Collagen, providing the usual types I and III. There is also biotin and hyaluronic acid in the supplement to further support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, although where the twist comes in is the AMP’D side of things. Muscleology has added a touch of caffeine to the product with 100mg of caffeine anhydrous and 22.5mg of longer-lasting Infinergy.

AMP’D Collagen is essentially a collagen-based beauty supplement, combining collagen with hyaluronic acid and biotin; then, for an extra energizing kick for those that don’t mind an uplifting effect with their beauty support, there is that combined 122mg of caffeine. Directly from Muscleology’s online store, AMP’D Collagen does carry a premium price of $49.99 for a tub of 20 servings in one flavor to star with Berry-Rita Burst.