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Myoband is clearing out its RESQ protein soda at 50 pence each to make way for new flavor

Myoband Red Berries Black Currant Resq

RESQ is the incredibly intriguing beverage Myoband launched right at the end of last year, which isn’t a sparkling energy drink or an amino-based offering. RESQ is a clear and carbonated protein drink, packing 10g of protein in a small soda-sized can with an impressively lean 42 calories. The product debuted in the one Crystal Cola flavor, although the brand is about to step things up and give the protein drink an actual menu with more tastes.

Myoband is currently clearing out its current stock of its original Crystal Cola RESQ sparkling protein beverage where you can save up to a massive 75% by grabbing six cans for only £3 or pay £12 and get 24, which works out to the same value as 50 pence a piece. The brand is clearing out the product for a good reason; as mentioned, it’s making way for another two flavors, both refreshing fruity recipes in Red Berries and Black Currant.

More flavors are always better when it comes to convenient, on-the-go items like protein snacks and better-for-you drinks, so Myoband getting ready to release Red Berries and Black Currant as its second and third flavors of the RESQ sparkling protein soda will undoubtedly be well-received by fans and followers.

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