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Myprotein creatively puts a selection of vitamins and minerals into delicious jelly beans

Myprotein Multivitamin Jelly Beans

Myprotein has its hand in all sorts of formats and categories across the world of sports nutrition, lifestyle, active nutrition, and functional food, and it continues to innovate in that way, regularly coming out with more and more products featuring creative approaches. The international supplement giant might have outdone itself this week, introducing a genuinely unique item that combines a classic type of product with a fun and undoubtedly enjoyable format.

Multivitamin Jelly Beans is Myprotein’s newest innovation, which is indeed a bottle of sweet, tasty jelly beans infused with a variety of vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellness. The brand has squeezed 12 essential vitamins and minerals into the edible supplement, most of them dosed around 50% of your daily recommended value. There is vitamin C at 40mg, 2.5mcg of vitamin D3, and a very light 1.5mg of zinc, but again, the attraction here is the format.

Myprotein’s Multivitamin Jelly Beans are a new way to add missing vitamins and minerals to your diet, and it’s not through the usual capsules, tablets, or flavored powder. The product is an extension of the popular gummy supplements, except jelly beans, and in Myprotein’s effort, you get a mixture of colors and flavors in apple, orange, and raspberry. Better yet, the brand has them at a solid discount for Black Friday, where you’ll pay just £8.24 for a bottle of 30 servings.