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Panda puts the reliable pump-enhancing VasoDrive into its own standalone product

Panda Supplements Vasodrive

The endlessly growing and extensively popular Panda Supplements has debuted a new standalone product this month, right in line with its Black Friday sale, where you can get 30% off everything plus some free gifts when your order comes to more than $50. The reputable brand typically crafts complex formulas for more advanced categories like pre-workout, muscle building, and weight loss, but its latest is indeed on the simpler side and has only one ingredient to it.

VasoDrive AP is Panda Supplements’ newest standalone product, and it’s actually only its second overall, as up until this week, the only entry in its lineup with a single ingredient was its bulk, unflavored, cost-effective Creatine Monohydrate. Like that straightforward supplement, Panda’s VasoDrive AP exclusively features its title ingredient, the premium, proven, and pump-enhancing VasoDrive AP, at an effective 254mg in each of its 60 capsules a bottle, and that can be scaled.

The benefit of single-ingredient products is you get the ability to decide the dose you want. So while Panda Supplements’ VasoDrive AP has 254mg a capsule, you could throw down four with one of its pre-workouts to add a solid 1,016mg of VasoDrive to your workout; again, the freedom is yours. The product is available directly from the brand’s website at a regular $39.99 each, although, with its Black Friday sale in the mix, that price comes all the way down to $27.99.