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Per4m takes inspiration from Irish Creme for the next flavor of its popular protein powder

Per4m Irish Creme Whey Advanced Protein

Per4m in the United Kingdom is known for its premier protein powder, Whey Advanced Protein, which brings more to the table than just great value, easy availability, and a straightforward formula; it also comes in significantly more flavors than your typical competitor in the category. To make the brand and supplement even more reliable and exciting, Perf4m continues to roll out flavor extensions for Whey Advanced Protein, and with so many already to choose from, they’re typically quite creative.

Not too surprisingly, considering how quickly Per4m moves, today we have news of another taste coming to Whey Advanced Protein, expected to be launching in the very near future. Just in time for the season of giving, the popular UK company has crafted an Irish Creme flavor of the protein powder inspired by the sweet and creamy drink of the same name. When the certainly intriguing Irish Creme Whey Advanced Protein does arrive, Per4m will have it available in its 2lb and larger 4.4lb tubs.

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