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Quamtrax makes another Oh My snack that’s like a Twinkie but with only half a gram of sugar

Quamtrax Nutrition Oh My Twiny

Quamtrax Nutrition’s Oh My Series of products is one of the more creative families of functional foods over in Europe, specifically Spain, featuring all sorts of convenient, better-for-you snacks, treats, and even condiments by way of the Oh My Sauce and Oh My Syrup. There is also the decadent spread, Oh My Cream, the protein bars Oh My Bar and Oh My Wafer, the Oh My Waffle, which comes with lower-calorie syrup, and now included in that selection is the extremely intriguing Oh My Twiny.

The all-new Oh My Twiny from Quamtrax Nutrition is basically a better-for-you take on the traditional Twinkie treat, featuring a soft and long, pocket-sized cake with a sweet and creamy filling. Oh My Twiny has that same sort of build, indeed offering a soft rectangular cake with a creamy filling. The catch on the Quamtrax offering is like the rest of the Oh My Series; it is simply better for you with 1.4g of fat and 26g of carbohydrates, only half a gram of that is sugar, and a calorie count of 192.

Next to your classic Twinkie, those numbers are relatively similar carbohydrates, protein, and even fat, but significantly lower sugar, as in a 52 Twinkie comes 16g of sugar, while, again, Quamtrax Nutrition’s Oh My Twiny has just 450mg. Those macros mentioned are for the regular Creamy flavor of the newest Oh My Series snack, and they’re pretty much the same for the one other taste fans have to choose from as the product begins rolling out to stores in Cocoa, which is a rich chocolate flavor.