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Redcon1 offers its biggest single discount ever of up to 80% for Black Friday

Redcon1 Huge Discount For Black Friday 2023

Of all the supplement companies that get in and run something for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is one that consistenly goes big, from discount and deals, to freebies, bonuses, and massive giveaways. That is, of course, the two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1, and for 2023 it is back and delivering once again. The brand doesn’t appear to have any items being thrown in at specific order amounts, as we’ve seen in previous years, but it makes up for that with an absolutely huge discount.

For Black Friday this year, Redcon1 is offering 50 to 80% off everything in its online store at, which is not a discount we’ve ever seen from the brand. It is known for its BOGO and buy one get one half price deals, which are essentially 50% off and 25% off, respectively. As mentioned, that discount ranges from half price to the absolutely huge 80%, and it does apply on the high end to several popular supplements from Redcon1, including the likes of Total War and Big Noise.

Redcon1’s signature stimulant pre-workout Total War falls to $24.99 during the Black Friday event, and the stackable stimulant-free pump pre-workout Big Noise gets even lower to just $14.99. Even some of the brand’s protein powders, a type of supplement that is generally excluded from big savings, get down there as well with 7lbs of MRE at $39.99, the blend-style product Ration is $39.99 for 5lbs, and the premium isolate IsoTope goes even bigger at 55% discount, falling all the way to $39.99.

Once again, Redcon1 always delivers on Black Friday, and this year is no different, with its largest single discount ever, no coupon code required, and all available exclusively at, presumably until tomorrow night, so you’ll want to get sooner rather than later.

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