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Santini 7 shares a teaser that leaves us thinking of only one potential product

Santini 7 Banana Hngry Protein

Santini 7 in the UK has the one signature supplement on the market at the moment in a relatively straightforward, whey-based protein powder named HNGRY. The product keeps things fairly simple with a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, providing 20g of protein a serving with a lean 2g of carbohydrates, just over a gram of fat, and 101 calories. Santini 7’s HNGRY is also not short on flavors, with five to choose from in Raspberry Ripple, Chocolate, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and a traditional Cookies & Cream.

While Santini 7 has not officially revealed the product, it has teased the coming of the sixth flavor of its HNGRY protein powder and included enough in the teaser to give us an idea of what’s coming. You can see that image above, featuring a banana surrounded by a banana milkshake or cream spilling and splashing all around it. That is more than enough to lead us down the road of a Banana Cream HNGRY coming down the pipeline, and regardless of whatever it turns out to be exactly, it is will be here shortly.