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Sneak goes all-black for this year’s Black Friday edition with a pineapple and grapefruit flavor

Sneak Ultra Blxxkfriday Edition

Back in 2020, Sneak did something truly unforgettable by launching a blank-labeled flavor of its signature supplement for Black Friday, or what it decided to call Blank Friday. The product had nothing on its tub, just a few shapes and icons without any details, information, or really anything about what you were getting. The special edition item did come in a box, of course, providing all of that necessary content, but the uniqueness of the blank bottle certainly caught a lot of attention.

This year, for Black Friday, the gaming specialist Sneak has gone the other direction and made an all-black flavor of its flagship supplement, Sneak Energy, although this one is a little more obvious about what it tastes like. The name of the brand’s limited flavor is ULTRABLXXK Friday, which is a combination of pineapple and grapefruit. As mentioned, it comes in an all-over black tub design, similar to the blank item, as it doesn’t have any details on it; all of that comes on the box it’s wrapped in.

Sneak is planning to launch the Black Friday edition product on Black Friday itself, about five days from today, through Being dropped at that time, the gaming brand is most likely going to be running some sort of deal, giving you the chance to snatch up ULTRABLXXK Friday at a discount. Sneak will also presumably have a few matching accessories alongside the special edition, making it even more of an occasion.

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