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Sweet Peach comes to SSN’s always Halloween-themed pre-workout the week of Halloween

Ssn Sweet Peach Awaken

In line with the week of Halloween, Swedish Sports Nutrition, or SSN for short, has launched another flavor of its pre-workout Awaken, which features a hockey mask-wearing character. While that may seem perfectly themed around Halloween, being that it has a similar appearance to the classic horror film villain Jason Voorhees, the design is actually permanent and is how SSN’s Awaken appears any time throughout the year.

SSN already had a good amount of tastes on the menu for its Awaken pre-workout, including the likes of Tropical, Gummy Bears, and Sour Apple. Coming onboard this month is a classic Sweet Peach, packing all of the supplement’s usual highlights, such as 4g of beta-alanine, 9g of citrulline malate, and a strong 300mg of caffeine. The flavor is ongoing and not limited or anything like that, and is available now in the brand’s local Swedish market.

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