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Strong Nation takes up 1,000 square feet at India’s premier IHFF convention

Strong Nation At Ihff

Fitness and supplement expos go down all around the world, and different countries and regions tend to have dominant shows that attract brands from that area, such as FIBO in Europe, the Arnold Sports Festival in the US, and the Dubai Muscle Show for the Middle East. In India, the convention to go to is IHFF, which is going down this weekend in the fast-growing market from today through to tomorrow and ending on Sunday.

The November IHFF is taking place in the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, and there is a giant list of names on the exhibitor list, which only makes sense as consumers are going to be packing the house every day. One of the standouts exhibiting at the event is our International Brand Of The Year nominee, Strong Nation. The rising brand is bringing all of its well-put-together supplements, including its two stimulant-powered pre-workouts, Tiger Fury and the more caffeinated Freaky Wolf Extreme.

Strong Nation is still relatively young, but again, it’s growing quickly and doing so with complexity in its supplements that is rare to find from other domestic competitors in India. If you’re at this weekend’s IHFF expo, be sure to check out the brand and its selection, although it will be difficult to miss as Strong Nation is taking up a giant 1,000 square feet on the floor.

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