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Alpha Switch gets a flavored alternative with a few tweaks and changes to its formula

Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch Powder

Reputable Australian supplement company Switch Nutrition made plenty of noise four years ago when it launched its testosterone booster Alpha Switch, mostly due to what you got alongside the formula, which features a solid combination of fenugreek, longjack, ashwagandha, laxogenin, and SA3X branded spilanthes. The attention-grabbing part of the product was that inside the box Alpha Switch is packaged in was a 30-day supply of the testosterone-boosting supplement and a condom to further highlight its core benefits.

Switch Nutrition has introduced a separate version of Alpha Switch to close out the year, which comes in flavored powder format as opposed to capsules. Not only is it flavored in Paradise Fruit, Raspberry, and Lime Cordial options, but the ingredients behind the spin-off supplement are also slightly different.

The flavored edition of Alpha Switch still has longjack, fenugreek, spilanthes, shilajit, a good amount of zinc, and boron. All of those can be found in the original capsule Alpha Switch, although the formula isn’t transparent this time around, so we can’t tell if the dosages have remained. Ashwagandha is no longer in there, and neither is the 50mg of laxogenin, but there are plenty of additions, including cistanche extract to further boost testosterone, Cell Charge, absorption-enhancing AstraGin, and a variety of amino acids, including glutamine and arginine.

Basically, the overall goal of the newly released flavored Alpha Switch or Alpha Switch Powder, however you want to call it, is to provide a similar level of benefits and effects as the capsule is original, but obviously in flavored powder format. Again, the supplement comes in three flavors with Paradise Fruit, Raspberry, and Lime Cordial, and to make it an easy transition for regular Alpha Switch users, the cost is identical at $89.95 (57.18 USD) for a tub of 30 servings.