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The Man Shake introduces a separate family of health and wellness-focused gummies

The Man Shake Omgness Gummies

The team behind The Man Shake, The Lady Shake, and The Kids Shake families of nutrition products in Australia, has introduced a new line of supplements by way of OMGooness Gummies. It is a selection of three separate gummy format items designed for specific health and wellness benefits. The products’ names are based around those effects with OMGoodness Snooze, Glow, and Chill, each with its own ingredients.

The Man Shake’s OMGoodness Gummies don’t transparently list the dosages of their active ingredients, only what they are and the goal they’re trying to achieve. OMGoodness Snooze is indeed built to help you get better sleep with the help of chamomile and passionfruit extract. Glow is a beauty-type supplement with collagen, zinc, and antioxidants, and Chill aims for a relaxing experience with chamomile, ginseng, and zinc.

Again, The Man Shake doesn’t outline the dosages of the main ingredients, only that they’re in there, so for example, we can’t confirm how much collagen is in OMGoodness Glow or chamomile in Snooze. There are a couple of flavors available for each gummy supplement in Raspberry and Grape, and they all cost exactly the same through at $39.95 (26.57 USD) for small bottles of 14 servings.