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Vice and Vibes reworks its appropriately named Smack pre-workout in time for Black Friday

Vice And Vibes Smack V2

Vice and Vibes is a young and growing supplement company with a nice selection of products on the market, all competing in mainstream-level sports nutrition categories, including pre-workout, sleep aid, weight loss, and nootropic. The stimulant-backed pre-workout is indeed the star of the lineup, appropriately named Smack, and just in time for a big Black Friday sale at Nutri Cartel, Vice and Vibes has revamped and relaunched it as Smack V2.

Vice and Vibes Smack V2 is a step up from the original, and also like the original, it is a stacked, stimulant-heavy pre-workout that’ll have no trouble delivering on the effect in its name. The supplement does have a few ingredients for non-sensory benefits, like 6g of pure citrulline and agmatine for pumps, and pink Himalayan salt and the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, but the rest of the cast is there to drive intense energy and mental focus.

Vice And Vibes Smack V2 Label

You can see the complete list of components in Vice and Vibes’ Smack V2 pre-workout in the facts panel above, and it does not disappoint. There are over ten ingredients there for the energy and focus experience, including a hefty 600mg of EriaPuro eria jarensis, VincaMIND vincamine, 1.5mg of the potent alpha yohimbine, solid dosages of alpha-GPC and tyrosine at a gram of 3g, respectively, and a reasonable combined caffeine total of 300mg.

That is certainly a combination of ingredients that’ll smack, and if you haven’t come across Vice and Vibes before, you can check out its entire lineup over at the reliable online and physical retailer Nutri Cartel. The supplement store is already stocking the new Smack V2, and it’s alongside its Black Friday sale, where you can get up to 32% off, depending on your order total, plus freebies, bringing Vice and Vibe’s new pre-workout down to as low as $33.96.