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X-Gamer drops a calorie-free version of its signature gaming supplement in eight flavors

X Gamer X Zero

The obviously named gaming supplement company, X-Gamer in Sweden, has put together something quite extensive for the holiday season, and it’s a nice alternative to its original product. For those not familiar with its flagship offering, referred to as X-Tubz, it does indeed feature a formula intended for gamers, although it’s nothing complex or advanced with 200mg of caffeine, a blend of B vitamins, a gram of taurine, and some carbohydrates.

X-Gamer’s latest effort is X-Zero, created to be a zero-calorie alternative to its original supplement. It has most of the same ingredients, including a variety of B vitamins, a much lower level of taurine at 10mg, a mere 1% of that 1,000mg, and half the caffeine of X-Tubz at 100mg a serving. Again, the big catch here is you don’t get the sugar, carbohydrates, or any of the calories, but you are sacrificing the effects, as you need two servings to match the caffeine.

The sugar and calorie-free X-Zero from X-Gamer has hit the market in a surprisingly large selection of flavors at eight, four of them being Christmassy in Gingerbread Blizzard, Xmas Tree, Skumtomte, and Candy Cane Rush. The other four are Clementine, Raspberry Mojito, Blueberry Coconut, and Japanese Cherry, all of which are available at for 449kr (42.89 USD), and if you get in shortly, there is a limited-time buy one get one free deal, working out to 225kr each, with a massive 100 servings a tub.