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AfterDark Inhuman Review: More potent punch of energy and focus than you’d expect

Afterdark Inhuman Review

Ever since we were introduced to the relatively young, growing, and reputable AfterDark Supplements we’ve been wanting to get our hands on some of its popular category offerings, like its stimulant pre-workout Inhuman. There is plenty to be interested in with the brand, from its eye-catching approach to marketing, its premium formulation ability, the fact that it’s exclusively available in retailers, and just its overall style.

We recently got our hands on AfterDark’s signature pre-workout Inhuman, which is mostly about increasing and enhancing energy and focus, although it does have a few components for other benefits. The non-sensory side is supported by the likes of citrulline malate for pumps at 5g and performance-powering beta-alanine at 3.5g, then driving the energy and focus is a blend of alpha yohimbine, CognatiQ, tyrosine, and a potent level of caffeine.

Afterdark Inhuman Review


Looking at the formula, especially the inclusion of alpha yohimbine, 200mg of theobromine, and a combined 375mg of caffeine, you would expect AfterDark’s Inhuman pre-workout to pack a bit of a punch. After running the supplement through several workouts, weeks of workouts to be exact, we can confirm that not only does it pack a very intense level of energy and focus, but it’s more than you’d expect judging it purely on paper.

AfterDark’s Inhuman pre-workout kicks pretty quickly after throwing down its full single-scoop serving with a nice rush of energy, even more so if you step it up slightly and move to a heaping scoop. All at once, you get an urgent surge in energy, where you’ll want to make sure you’re in the gym and ready to work, and alongside that physical energy is a mental drive that gets you centered and zoned in on the job at hand, specifically your workout.

Afterdark Inhuman Review

While the stimulating side of the AfterDark pre-workout is impressively intense and more potent than you’d expect, even for someone who’s tried a lot of pre-workouts, that overdelivering is not the case in other areas. The pumps and performance support in Inhuman are relatively moderate, with nothing supremely surprising at least compared to the energy and focus effects, but enough to say it’s not a stimulant-exclusive product.

With all of that said, AfterDark does have a stimulant-free pre-workout in EPO+Pump and that can be used with Inhuman to add a whole lot of support and balance out the high-powered experience. The exclusive brand’s other pre-workout includes more citrulline malate for a combined total of 10g, Hydroprime branded glycerol, creatine for muscle strength and power, and a few other nootropics to elevate focus, including another gram of tyrosine, alpha-GPC, DMAE, and citicoline.

Afterdark Inhuman Review


If you’re at all a fan of potent, hard-hitting stimulant-powered pre-workouts, AfterDark’s Inhuman is worth checking out, even in today’s fast-paced market where you get a new competitor in the pre-workout category about once a week. The brand has made sure the supplement hits beyond what even we expected and it’s rather versatile in terms of formula for seamless stacking with other products to ramp up the non-sensory effects, as mentioned, it pairs perfectly with EPO+Pump.