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Alpha Neon brings its advanced and reliable approach to the growing category of hydration

Alpha Neon Hydron8

Like clear protein, superfood, and capsule format pump pre-workouts; hydration is a category of sports nutrition that has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years, seeing several major players get in on the action. The reputable and reliable Alpha Neon in the UK is one of the latest to take a swing at the space with a supplement named Hydron8, and as you’d expect from the brand, it has taken an advanced approach.

Alpha Neon’s Hydron8 is a product specifically built to improve and enhance hydration, performance, and recovery, thanks to its robust set of electrolyte sources combining for just over 2g of total electrolytes. The brand has packed the supplement with Cocomineral-branded coconut water at 1.5g and 700mg of pink Himalayan salt to help provide all of that, plus B vitamins, a sizeable 3g of taurine, and interestingly 4mg of astaxanthin which is more commonly found in beauty products for the purpose of skin hydration.

As mentioned, Alpha Neon has a strong reputation and its selection of sports nutrition supplements is impressively reliable, so it comes as no surprise that it has put together a stacked formula for its hydration debut. The electrolyte-loaded Hydron8 can be purchased directly through the brand’s website at £28.99 (36.72 USD) in two flavors that warn you of their saltiness in Salty Peach Mango and Salty Strawberry Mango.