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Bare Knuckle gets even better including a hugely increased 4.2g of NO3-T nitrates

Apollon Nutrition Bare Knuckle V5

Frequently reformulating, evolving, and improving is something Apollon Nutrition has become incredibly well known for, where it regularly updates the combination of ingredients and dosages in its popular premium supplements like the pre-workouts Hooligan and Assassin. Today, the hardcore supplement company has announced it has another one of those up its sleeve by way of a refreshed version of its stimulant-free, pump pre-workout Bare Knuckle, which was last updated a couple of years ago at the end of 2021.

In traditional Apollon Nutrition fashion, it has improved Bare Knuckle in several areas; in fact, it has left very few areas untouched. There are only two ingredients that haven’t made it over from the previous version of the supplement in the pump-enhancing agmatine and focus-supporting mushroom extract lion’s mane. The brand has, of course, replaced the two, adding grape seed for muscle pumps and an effective 100mg of premium CognatiQ to keep the focus strong, taking over the space left behind by lion’s mane.

Apollon Nutrition Bare Knuckle V5 Label

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition has maintained Bare Knuckle’s other eight ingredients, three of them keeping their original dose, while the other five have all been jacked up, and some of them by significant amounts. On the pump side, you get 25% more citrulline at a huge 10g and a lot more NO3-T betaine nitrate at a giant 4.2g a serving. Then, for even better focus, there is 50% more tyrosine and a third more alpha-GPC; overall, providing even better pumps and focus, all in a pre-workout that doesn’t rely on stimulants.

Apollon Nutrition simply continues to do what we’ve come to know it for, and that is revamping its already well-put-together sports nutrition products, either making them better or retuning their formula for a refined experience in the gym. Bare Knuckle has been given more than enough tweaks and changes to call it a new and improved supplement, and in its usual rollout pattern, this one will be going live at for its predecessor’s price of $64.95 for a tub of 20 maximum servings in three different flavors.