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Spaces filling fast for the Executive Pass for the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Sports Increase Capacity Executive Pass

A few days ago, we announced the industry-exclusive Executive Pass for next year’s hugely anticipated convention at the Arnold Sports Festival, taking place in Columbus, Ohio, right on the first day of March. It is a project we’ve been working on with the organizers of the prestigious event alongside the premium Stack3d Section on the main floor at the Columbus Convention Center. It is designed specifically for buyers, retailers, distributors, and other industry-level individuals for direct access to exhibitors.

Holders of an Executive Pass for the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival will get to walk onto the expo floor an hour before others gain access specifically to get better communication and hold more direct conversations with those exhibiting at the show, as opposed to when the crowds flood in. Again, this is mostly intended for buyers, retailers, and distributors, as well as ingredient houses, manufacturers, and media companies, with the badges also helping exhibitors identify these people when walking the floor.

We had an enormous response to the news of the Executive Pass and are pleased to announce we’ve expanded the capacity, as it was initially intended to be rather limited and exclusive. Anyone or any team still interested in signing up for the free industry-level access, reach out via our contact form, social media platforms like Linkedin, or simply email, and we’ll confirm availability as soon as possible.