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Chemix reveals its first all-new product in two years and it’s all about organ health

Chemix Organ Support

The Guerrilla Chemist’s supplement company, Chemix, is one of the more respected and well-put-together lines of sports nutrition products on the market. It is one of the few out there where we’ve tried almost the entire family, and each of them is genuinely highly effective, giving it a level of reliability that’s not all that common. With that said, we have not seen a completely new supplement from Chemix for more than a year; in fact, we’ve only seen one from the brand in the last two years, and that was Whey Isolate.

Chemix is currently getting ready to follow up on its protein powder debut, Whey Isolate, with its first all-new product since that in the organ health formula, Chemix Organ Support. Coming from the Guerrilla Chemist and the maker of quality, highly rated supplements like King Of Pumps and CortiBloc, you, of course, get a solid selection of ingredients and dosages. We’ve got what little we can see of the facts panel in the image below, and while it isn’t overly clear, we can make out all of its prominent features.

Chemix Organ Support Label 1

The Guerrilla Chemist has packed a full family of B vitamins into Chemix Organ Support, premium vitamin K, magnesium, and then the main ingredients with a gram each of bergamot and n-acetyl-cysteine, 1.5g of arjuna extract, 200mg of coQ10, and another 200mg of what looks to be nattokinase. As the name of the product suggests, Organ Support is built specifically to support, protect, and improve the health of vital organs such as the liver and kidney, and it certainly has the reliable tools, or in this case, ingredients, to do so.

Chemix Organ Health is expected to be hitting the market sometime in the near future, and while we don’t have an exact date, week, or rough timeframe on when it’s going to arrive, it’s at least exciting to finally see something new from the Guerrilla Chemist and his brand. The dedicated organ health product will have the usual 30 servings a bottle to supply you for a typical month, and as for its cost, we imagine it’ll land in a similar realm to its other premium-priced supplements, sitting somewhere around or between 50 to $60.