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Crunchy protein brand Neeva announces another puff-style flavor for the New Year

Corn Puffs Neeva Shaker Cereal

The protein company with a difference, Neeva, mixes things up by giving you a high amount of protein in the form of crispy cereal pieces as opposed to the traditional powder. The idea is you put a serving of Neeva Shaker Cereal and the many crunchy pieces that make it up, into a shaker cup, throw in some water or milk, and tip it down for a protein shake you can drink and eat. There is a new flavor available for the product, and like all of the others, it is inspired by a breakfast cereal we all know and love.

Going alongside Neeva’s other classic cereal flavors, like Lucky O’s, Choco Puffs, and Frosty Flakes, is Corn Puffs Neeva Shaker Cereal. Looking at its colors, name, and build, this one appears to be inspired by Kellogg’s Corn Pops, giving you 16g of protein in a serving of crispy puff balls. The nutrition profile of the alternative protein supplement is fairly high in carbohydrates, and that looks to continue in Corn Puffs, with that 16g of protein next to around 26g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and 170 calories.

Neeva is keeping the availability of its Corn Puffs Shaker Cereal on hold for a week or so, and is launching it early in the New Year. Fans of the fun and enjoyable protein company will be able to grab its latest flavor extension in about a week and a half, in the second week of 2024 on Monday the 8th of January.

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