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Genius Brand makes another mushroom product but this one only features lion’s mane

Genius Lions Mane

The Genius Brand has been around for a reasonable amount of time although it had a strong rise to popularity, where in its earlier days, it was dropping supplements left, right and center, for all sorts of different spaces and categories throughout the industry. One of those earlier extensions was Genius Mushrooms, a dedicated organic mushroom extract product that brings together three different ingredients, all at half a gram per serving, with cordyceps, reishi, and the nootropic, focus-supporting lion’s mane.

There is a new item in the Genius Brand’s lineup that is sort of a spin-off of Genius Mushrooms, as it is one of its three ingredients in a separate, standalone product. Genius Lion’s Mane is the supplement, and as you could probably figure out from the name, it does indeed only feature lion’s mane, known for its ability to support and improve focus, cognition, memory, and clarity. The brand has packed a lot more of the ingredient per serving in this than Genius Mushrooms at 1.2g in two capsules, with 120 in a bottle.

The online giant Amazon is the first to stock Genius Lion’s Mane at $27.99 which is cheaper than Genius Mushrooms in its size with around the same amount of servings. A 30-serving bottle of the Genius Brand’s original mushroom cocktail is $21.95 and a 60-serving is $39.99, while Genius Lion’s Mane falls right in between those two at $27.99, and again, that comes with 120 capsules, which works out to 60 servings.