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Japan’s Haleo combines LJ100 and PrimaVie for its King testosterone booster

Haleo King Testosterone Booster

Haleo in Japan has rolled out a testosterone-boosting supplement named King in time for the holiday season, which is not a common category brands tackle in the region; most of the time we see competitors go after more mainstream areas like pre-workout, amino, and protein. Haleo King is a relatively straightforward product in the sense that it doesn’t bring together a laundry list of ingredients as you’ll often see in the likes of the US.

Haleo King relies on three different components to naturally boost testosterone and, in turn, support all of the great benefits that can come from that, such as improved performance, recovery, muscle building, and weight management. The ingredients filling out the formula behind King are mucuna pruriens at half a gram in a three-capsule serving, 200mg of premium LJ100 long jack, and another branded component in 250mg of PrimaVie shilajit.

You get the usual month’s supply in a full-size 120 capsule bottle of Haleo King and its blend of mucuna pruriens, LJ100, and PrimaVie, and directly through the sports nutrition brand’s online store, you’ll pay ¥9,720 (66 USD). The brand does offer a couple of options to ease the cost in exchange for a multi-month commitment, where you can get two bottles of King at ¥9,234 (62.70 USD) each or go three for three months at ¥8,748 (59.40 USD).