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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals acquires BPI Sports and positions it for long-term growth

Hi Tech Acquires Bpi Sports

A couple of months ago, the mainstream supplement company BPI Sports, known for products like the long-running pre-workout 1MR, Best BCAA, and the legacy fat burner Rx6, filed for bankruptcy. Here in early December, a little more than two months after that news surfaced, an acquisition announcement has emerged where Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, owner of several other sports nutrition brands, has acquired BPI Sports.

While Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals does have many supplement companies under its umbrella, including iForce Nutrition, APS, EAS, Formutech Nutrition, and Top Secret Nutrition, it is also a major manufacturer and has been making BPI Sports for more than a decade. Again, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has acquired BPI Sports and its extensive line of products, and is positioning it for a strong future, focused on long-term growth.

Being owned by a premier manufacturer is a great opportunity for a supplement company and will certainly benefit BPI Sports as it looks further ahead. The brand is going to continue to produce the products its fans have to come to rely on, as well as introduce some completely new innovations. You can check out the complete press release with quotes from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and BPI Sports over at