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HR Labs reveals the formula behind its stimulant-free and balanced pre-workout

Hr Labs Blow Up

The reputable UK-based sports nutrition brand HR Labs may not have a stimulant-free pump-enhancing pre-workout at the moment, but that is all about to change in the near future. While the reliably effective supplement company has not set a date, week, or launch timeframe, it has revealed the formula for its upcoming pre-workout HR Labs Blow Up, designed for a comprehensive pre-workout experience without the use of any stimulants.

The comprehensive part about HR Labs Blow Up is a crucial detail, as a lot of the time, stimulant-free pre-workouts are formulated specifically or primarily to improve and enhance pumps, although that is not necessarily the case here. While the supplement does have components for better pumps, again, it is a more balanced approach, with Blow Up aiming to enhance caffeine-free energy, mental focus, performance, and, indeed, pumps.

The formula powering HR Labs Blow Up includes 1.5g of premium Nitrosigine, half a gram of FitNOX, and 300mg of pine bark for the pump side of things, and PeakATP at 400mg, 2g of taurine, and a gram of pink Himalayan salt for performance. Filling out the rest of the product are some focus ingredients by way of 3g of tyrosine, 100mg of CognatiQ, and 350mg of uridine, and lastly, 30mg of AstraGin to improve absorption and efficacy.

HR Labs Blow Up is built to be taken all on its own for that comprehensive, stimulantless pre-workout experience, although despite it’s packed-out formula, it should have no trouble stacking with the brand’s stimulant offering, Defib. There is no major crossover to worry about, as taurine is the only ingredient you’ll double up on at a combined 3.5g. Definitely stay tuned for more information, including when and where Blow Up will be available.