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HTLT puts its sequel pre-workout into sachets and creates a variety pack of all six flavors

Htlt Pre Workout 2 Variety Bundle

Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT has just made it a little easier to find out which of its many different flavors of its sequel pre-workout, aptly named Pre-Workout 2.0, you enjoy the most. Previously, the sports nutrition company sold the supplement in two sizes: a common 40 regular or 20 maximum serving bottle and a 50% bigger 60 regular or 30 maximum serving offering. There is a strong six different flavors available for the HTLT pre-workout, including the likes of Grape Candy, Sour Gummy Worm, and Dragon Berry.

This week, joining the list of options fans have to choose from for HTLT’s Pre-Workout 2.0 is a variety bag, which has a few more servings than the 40 count, and inside are all six of its flavors. The product isn’t a bulk bottle of powder like the other sizes; it is a bag with 24 full-serving sachets, which works out to 48 regular scoops. The 24 sachets are made up of four of each of the flavors, which are the aforementioned Grape Candy, Sour Gummy Worm, and Dragon Berry, plus Pink Candy, Sour Rainbow Candy, and Blue Raspberry.

As you could probably guess, HTLT’s variety bundle for Pre-Workout 2.0 is not as cost-effective as the traditional bottles coming in at $49.99 versus the 20 maximum serving tub at $39.99 and the 50% larger 30 count at $54.99. The benefit is you get to try all of the flavors the supplement has to offer, and the convenience of them coming in sachets that you can easily throw in your bag and take with you on the go.

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