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EQ Food offers a strong selection of protein snacks including a giant mass gainer cookie

Introducing Eq Food Protein Cookies

EQ Food is an Australian health and fitness company that specializes in high-protein and better-for-you snacks, including a traditional protein bar, cracker chips with 20g of protein in a bag, and a rather interesting selection of protein-packed cookies. The intriguing feature of the functional brand’s cookie options is the variety of macros, as it has three different types of protein cookies, each of them suited for a different sort of goal and diet, with the Lean EQ Protein Cookie, The Growth Protein Cookie, and XL Protein Cookie.

As the names imply, EQ Food’s Lean EQ Protein Cookie is indeed a slightly leaner offering, or closer to most other high-protein cookies; The Growth Protein Cookie has a bit more protein and similar level of carbohydrates; and the XL Protein Cookie goes much higher in protein, way higher in carbohydrates, and significantly more calories. EQ’s XL Protein Cookie is the only mass protein-style cookie we know on the market, with macros and calories that beat out many of the bulk mass gainer protein powders out there.

If you want to stay on the leaner side of life, the Lean EQ Protein Cookie comes with 21g of protein, 15.8g of fat, 27.4g of carbohydrates, 10.9g of that sugar, and 343 calories in its Cookies N’ Creme flavor. As for EQ Food’s The Growth Protein Cookie in the same flavor, you get 32.2g of protein, 17.4g of fat, and 28.4g of carbohydrates, just 9.6g of that sugar, and 586 calories. Last but certainly not least is the loaded XL Protein Cookie, giving you 50g of protein, 42.8g of fat, 116g of carbohydrates with 27.6g of that sugar, and a huge, four-figure calorie count of 1080, again, putting it up in the realm of a mass gainer supplement.

Eq Food Xl Protein Cookie

EQ Food in Australia uses mostly whey concentrate and whey powder to provide the protein in its variety of cookies, with other main ingredients thrown in to help provide those bulky nutrition profiles, including the likes of tapioca flour, rice flour, maltodextrin, whole egg powder, and brown sugar. The products are, of course, impressively filling and have the volume to match, as the Lean EQ Protein Cookie comes in 85g, The Growth Protein Cookie is about 50% more at 130g, and the XL Protein Cookie is an absolutely giant 250g.

You can purchase any of EQ Food’s offerings straight from its online store as well as its retail partners; although notably direct, you can conveniently purchase boxes of several pieces as well as individual items, giving you a chance to try out some of the high-protein products. EQ is proudly a charitable company that donates one calorie for every calorie you buy, which means it donates that many calories in nutritionally dense food that it manufactures itself to those in need all across Australia to fight hunger.

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