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Kriegger comes on strong in Belgium with a complete selection of sports nutrition products

Kriegger Supplements

Kriegger is a growing supplement company out of Europe, specifically Belgium, and it has been building out its selection to the point where you can now purchase a full-blown stack from the brand and be comprehensively supported and ready to go. Kriegger has competitors in almost all of the major sports nutrition categories, including protein powder, which is one most up-and-comers stay out of until a point.

Belgium’s Kriegger actually has three supplements in the saturated protein powder space, each of them with its own clear point of difference, and that is made obvious in each of their names, starting with the classic blend of whey concentrate and isolate in Pro Whey. The other items from the brand are the premium, purely whey isolate-powered ISO Whey, offering a lean 24g of protein and 110 calories per serving; then you have the more calorie-dense Mass Gainer, packing 25g of protein and around 530 calories.

We always say the best way to judge a brand when it comes to complexity and formulation ability is to take a look at its pre-workout, and Kriegger does indeed have one named Kriegger Pre-Workout X-Press. The brand has not packed a supremely long list of ingredients into the supplement, but the dosages it’s gone with are respectable, including 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, 4g of beta-alanine to drive performance, 4g of arginine, a gram each of taurine and tyrosine for focus, and lastly, a rather light 80mg of caffeine.

Kriegger Pre Workout X Press

As mentioned, the Kriegger Pre-Workout isn’t too bad on the dosage side. especially the 5g of straight citrulline and slightly more than the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine, although the caffeine is something worth highlighting and making sure you’re aware of. At 80mg of caffeine, the supplement isn’t going to hit anywhere near as much as the common stimulant-backed pre-workout with anywhere from 300 to 400mg, and while you could double your serving, that will double the other dosages, including the beta-alanine 8g.

Kriegger is indeed growing and expanding, and it has built a strong fanbase in its home country of Belgium and the surrounding European market, with plenty more developments and innovations expected in the near future. For a closer look at the brand and its selection of sports nutrition products, from the complexity of Pre-Workout and Fat Burner to its simple standalones like Multivitamins and Creatine, head to, where you can also purchase any of the supplements individually and in discounted stacks.