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Isopure puts more collagen into its reworked supplement but takes out the UC-II

Isopure Collagen

Years ago, the legacy protein powder company Isopure, known for its clean and lean protein powder as well as its clear and refreshing protein drinks, moved into the collagen category with the simply named Isopure Collagen. The supplement was a little more than your traditional, standalone collagen, giving you a typical 10g of hydrolyzed collagen per serving, in turn providing 10g of protein, plus 40mg of UC-II for the more uncommon collagen type II, and lastly, a bit of vitamin C at 36mg to support collagen synthesis.

Isopure’s collagen competitor was a reliable and well-rounded entry into the space, which at the time was growing tremendously quickly, and here, four years later, the long-running sports nutrition brand has revamped that supplement. The refreshed version has moved to a much bigger bottle, purely because it has more in it, where instead of 15 servings of 10g of collagen plus the UC-II and vitamins, Isopure Collagen now features between 14 to 16 servings but with twice the hydrolyzed collagen at 20g in each of its servings.

There is, unfortunately, no more premium UC-II collagen in the revamped supplement, only standard hydrolyzed collagen providing the common types I and III, although the vitamin C is still in the mix at the same 36mg. There is also a loss in menu size, where the first iteration came in Unflavored and three fruity creations with Summer Citrus Peach, Raspberry Lemonade, and Mango Lime. The sequel Isopure Collagen still has Unflavored but only one actual flavor in Lemonade, the former with 14 servings a tub and the latter 16.