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Morphogen welcomes another weight loss-type product centered around thyroid health

Morphogen Nutrition Thyroid

Morphogen Nutrition is one of the most specialized sports nutrition brands out there, offering an incomparable selection of supplements that you simply won’t find at almost any other company on the market. Adding to that variety this month, after a year of several other additions and reformulations, is Thyroid, and as per its name, it is a supplement built specifically to support thyroid health, metabolism, and weight management.

Thyroid continues the approach Morphogen Nutrition takes to all of its other complex and advanced products, in that it combines a carefully crafted group of ingredients all for the primary purpose, and in this case, that’s thyroid health. You can see the facts panel for the supplement directly below, including the likes of tyrosine at a gram, half a gram of inositol, 25mg of guggul extract, and a variety of premium Albion chelated minerals.

Morphogen Nutrition Thyroid Label

While thyroid health is the main goal of Morphogen Nutrition’s Thyroid, there are a few benefits that are byproducts of the thyroid focus, such as improved mood, better overall well-being, and, as touched on earlier, support for weight management and help burning fat.

Interestingly, despite the rather advanced formula in Morphogen Nutrition’s Thyroid, it doesn’t come with its typical premium supplement price tag. Fans will know the brand’s more complex offerings carry a cost of $48, but Thyroid is $32 for a bottle of 30 servings, and it can be stacked with other weight loss type products under the Morphogen banner, so much so it has a few discounted stacks incorporating the stimulant-free supplement.