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MuscleTech puts all nine EAAs into its newest amino plus hydration-supporting electrolytes

Muscletech Platinum Series Eaa Plus

MuscleTech has rolled out a completely new amino-based supplement right in time for Christmas, separate from its long-running, complex competitor Amino Build, offering 7g of BCAAs, effective dosages of betaine and taurine, and a blend of essential electrolytes for hydration. Its latest innovation is EAA+, and as per its name, it features all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, which includes the three all-important BCAAs, and those do make up a good amount of the total dose of EAAs.

MuscleTech’s Platinum Series EAA+ gives you close to a combined total of 7.5g of all nine EAAs, and of that total, 4.5g comes from the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The plus part of the supplement’s title is related to the electrolytes, as like Amino Build, the legacy brand has blended its collection of amino acids with essential electrolytes to fuel hydration, performance, and endurance, including quality sources like pink Himalayan salt, and altogether they provide 380mg of electrolytes.

The newly released Platinum Series EAA+ is available first through MuscleTech’s online store at where it carries a regular ongoing price of $44.99 for a tub of 30 servings in your choice of Fruit Punch and Grape flavors.