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Naughty Boy is crafting a selection of supplements for kids called Junior Mafia

Naughty Boy Announces Junior Mafia Series

Naughty Boy went on a tear last week or the last several days, announcing several upcoming supplements as a part of its 12 Facts Panels Of Christmas campaign, where it simply posted the facts panels for over ten completely new products. We’ve shared a few of those here at Stack3d, including the hydration-supporting Hydra-Cap and premium Cognizin-backed hybrid Hydra-Mind, and here in this post, we’ve got even more excitement to show off from the UK company.

Among the list of announcements from Naughty Boy in the last month of the year isn’t so much a specific supplement like the Hydra items mentioned but the naming of an entirely new and upcoming collection of products for a very specific audience. The brand has announced what is currently being referred to as Junior Mafia, a family of health and wellness supplements carefully and purposely crafted for kids; it is indeed a line of products formulated for the next generation.

Naughty Boy hasn’t flat out confirmed any products in its Junior Mafia collection, but it has talked about the potential of a greens-backed superfood supplement to potentially support and help with concentration. There are several children-specific brands and health products on the market, so there are plenty of proven approaches for the reputable brand to take, although knowing Naughty Boy and its track record, we’d expect to see some innovation in there too.

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