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Naughty Boy promises to drop over 100 different items spread throughout the New Year

Naughty Boy Over 100 Releaes Planned

The past two-time International Brand Of The Year winner, Naughty Boy, out of the UK, is laying down the challenge for 2024, starting out the New Year by letting fans know just how much it plans on jamming into the next 12 months. Firstly, the brand is promising to make 2024 its biggest year to-date, which is bold, as if you’ve followed Naughty Boy in the past, you’ll know it can force some serious output and expansion, dropping packed-out products, intriguing spin-offs, and all sorts of innovation.

Naughty Boy has revealed, alongside that promise of 2024 being an absolute mammoth of a year, that it’ll be releasing over 100 different items or SKUs. That is most definitely a ridiculously large number for any sports nutrition brand, and even though SKU does include different flavors and is not exclusively entire supplements, knowing Naughty Boy there will be plenty of that. A big takeaway from that statement is the point of “over” 100, meaning at least we’re getting 100, but there could be more.

No matter which way you look at it, Naughty Boy is bringing the noise and will undoubtedly get a lot of attention in 2024. Its launch schedule is clearly loaded, and it’s so confident in executing all of the hype and excitement that it has boldly come out and confirmed this. We drastically look forward to all of the action and sharing each product the UK brand puts to market; some of those will presumably involve the supplements it’s been previewing around the holidays, like Hydra-Mind and the Menace Shot.

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