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Nutrex launches a giant 10lb bag of 100% Whey Protein and it gets as low as $67

Nutrex 10lb Bag Of Whey Protein

We’ve said many times before, bigger is almost always better when it comes to sports nutrition supplements in terms of buying more, whether that be an automatically discounted stack, a money-saving bundle, or a larger size of a single product. That is the story once again this week over at the legacy brand Nutrex, where it has dropped another size of its multi-source, blend-style, and more value-focused 100% Whey Protein.

Previously Nutrex’s 100% Whey Protein was available in a traditional 2lb tub and a more than double 5lber, the latter working out to be 30% more cost-effective per serving than the former. Joining those two bottles is a massive 10lb bag of 100% Whey Protein that saves you even more money. Direct, the brand’s 2lber is $39.99, the 5lber is $69.99, but the absolutely giant 10lb offering with 128 servings blows them away at $89.99.

The 10lb 100% Whey Protein is 35% better value than the 5lb size and an immense 55% price drop against the 2lb option. More importantly, Nutrex has both flavors of the protein powder available in the 10lb, so there is no loss of options, which is often the case when you go bigger. You can grab the significantly more cost-effective 100% Whey Protein size extension at, and if you want to save even more money, use the stack builder for 25% off to bring the supplement down to just $67.49.