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Gym Junkie puts NutriTech into the sports drink space backed by a basic set of electrolytes

Nutritech Gym Junkie

NutriTech in South Africa has joined the fun of the sports drink space by way of Gym Junkie, and it is entirely focused on the category and centering around a blend of essential electrolytes to improve hydration. The product is a nice addition to the brand’s strong selection of supplements, which does consist of several other grab-and-go type items, including a couple of protein bars and a compact beverage in the Nuke Energy Shot.

NutriTech’s Gym Junkie isn’t supremely loaded with electrolytes, at least not to the heights we’ve seen other supplement companies packing in with a combined 246.6mg, including all of the usual suspects like sodium, calcium, and potassium. It has a more mainstream-level sports drink amount of electrolytes, and the nutrition has been kept to a minimum with no sugar or carbohydrates and only five calories in a large 630ml bottle.

Gym Junkie just has one flavor to choose from right out of the gate in Blueberry Lemonade, and you can get it directly from NutriTech’s online store at a very cost-effective R120 (6.45 USD), basically working out to a dollar a piece. The brand also proudly promotes the wide-open top and versatility of Gym Junkie, making it easy to stack with some of its sports nutrition products by just pouring a scoop into the lid and shaking it up.