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Anime-inspired Otaku Pump starts out with a well-rounded stimulant-backed pre-workout

Otaku Pump Pre Workout

Otaku Pump is a fresh new brand in the world of sports nutrition that has started its journey with a stimulant-backed pre-workout named after its category in the Otaku Pump Pre-Workout. The newcomer itself has a bit of a story and theme to it, as it takes heavy inspiration from Shonen style anime. That leads into the name of the supplement company as well, as Otaku is a Japanese slang word referring to someone with an intense interest usually in things like computers, video games, manga, and anime.

The currently only product from Otaku Pump, the Otaku Pump Pre-Workout, has a reasonably well-rounded formula, bringing together several reliable ingredients and some impressive dosages, considering this is the debut supplement from the brand. The pre-workout has plenty to enhance muscle pumps, including 8g of citrulline malate, 2.5g of betaine, and 2g of glycerol, beta-alanine for performance at 3.2g, and a potent blend of energy and focus components, with the likes of eria jarensis, theobromine, a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC, tyrosine, and a combined total of caffeine falling just under 300mg.

Otaku Pump Pre Workout Label

Otaku Pump infuses its approach and theme of Shonen anime into the marketing of its pre-workout, with all sorts of references and wording from that world throughout its descriptions and highlights, which you can see firsthand on its website. Anytime a brand can theme itself around something, it’s great to see, as not only does it help a brand like this and its product Otaku Pump Pre-Workout reach out and target a specific audience, but it also opens those individuals to the enjoyable and expansive world of supplements.

You can head over to to read more about the newcomer to the sports nutrition industry and check out the fun write-ups and descriptions it uses to promote and market its comprehensively formulated pre-workout. That website is, of course, also an online store, where you can purchase full-size tubs of the Otaku Pump Pre-Workout at $44.99 for a bottle of 25 maximum servings with just one flavor available at the moment, and it’s a traditional strawberry kiwi recipe, cleverly called Shonen Punch.