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Panda sneaks out a teaser for something that may not necessarily be a supplement

Panda X Jefe Harris

Panda Supplements has put out another one of its vague and intriguing teaser videos today, and it certainly has our attention and left us scratching our heads. The reputable brand centers the mysterious clip around a small black bottle, which we initially thought was some sort of a pre-workout, although as the video progresses, we’re not as sure about that. Even more interestingly, the upcoming item is a collaboration put together in partnership with healthy lifestyle-living influencer Jeffrey Harris.

Without anything around the blank black bottle Panda Supplements has in the teaser of its Jeffrey Harris collaboration, it’s difficult to have any sort of guess, but we’re sure it’s not a pre-workout or powder supplement due to the fact the lid isn’t in line with the sides of the container. The involvement of Jeffrey Harris adds a bit of a twist, leaving open the upcoming product to essentially be anything that could fit within the world of health and nutrition, so it may not be the typical supplement from Panda.

Fortunately, Panda Supplements is taking the covers off whatever it has cooked up in partnership with Jeffrey Harris this coming Friday. We’ll be sure to share all of the details when they become available, and as with any big reveal and release, we’re excited to see what this turns out to be, even more so with how mysterious this is being hyped.

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