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Performix formulates its most comprehensive fat burner to date in SST X

Performix Sst X

The all-new SST X is the latest weight management offering from Performix, and it is an intriguing evolution, bringing a multi-pronged approach to the popular category, offering more than the typical benefits found in a fat burner. SST X has been introduced right around the long-running sports nutrition brand’s ten-year anniversary, and while it does offer the signature energy and focus-boosting abilities of past SST products, it is all of the other areas that it covers that make the supplement a robust entry.

Performix has formulated SST X to effectively enhance energy and mental focus, as mentioned, as well as support gut health, nutrient absorption, appetite control, and weight management, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and improve inflammation response. Again, it is one of, if not the brand’s most well-rounded fat-burning entries to date, and that comes with a premium price of $84.99 for a bottle of 30 uniquely cinnamon-flavored capsule servings, to last a typical month, although if you subscribe, that comes down quite substantially to $59.49.

The formula driving Performix’s SST X has a host of premium components, with the dynamic, caffeine-free, stimulating pair of Dynamine and TeaCrine at 75mg and 25mg, respectively, for energy and focus, plus 20mg of synephrine and a strong 290mg of caffeine further powering the stimulating experience. CoreBiome tributyrin is another branded ingredient in there, also from Compound Solutions, and is responsible for the gut health and metabolism benefits, with other entries in the facts panel including 10mg each of wasabi root, borage and flax seed, and coffee bean, 5-HTP, huperzine A, and 450mg of MCTs.

The connection between weight loss and gut health is where SST X truly shines, bringing on the power of patent-pending CoreBiome, again, for its benefits in the area of gut health, microbiome, and hindering of weight gain, plus the stimulating strength of caffeine, TeaCrine, and Dynamine. With SST X hitting the market alongside its ten-year anniversary, Performix has obviously been in the game for a long time, gained plenty of experience, and continues to evolve and standout, with its latest effort another example of that.

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