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Performix is dropping a new product called SST X right around its ten year anniversary

Performix Teases Sst X

Performix has snuck out a teaser graphic for a mystery but somewhat obvious upcoming supplement that appears to go by the title of SST X. The first part of that title, “SST,” is indeed the long-running name of the advanced brand’s family of fat burners and the product that brought it to prominence. Performix is saying very little about SST X at the moment, showing off only what you can see in the image above with a handful of its signature beadlet-filled liquid capsules on a bright red background.

Obviously, with “SST” being a part of the title of Performix SST X, it’s safe to say the upcoming supplement does indeed involve weight loss in some way, but there is a potential reason “X” is attached to the end and it’s somewhat of a milestone celebration. SST X is launching in the coming weeks, and interestingly, it is arriving around the same time as the brand’s impressive ten-year anniversary. We’re not sure if there’s more meaning to the name, but it’s a nice nod to drop SST X to celebrate a strong ten years.

Again, Performix is dropping SST X later this month, shortly before Christmas Day, so if this is another premium fat-burning supplement, as has been the case with most of the brand’s past SST offerings, it is going to be here just in time to help get you through or help out around the food-filled holidays. It’ll also be available with plenty of time for New Year’s for anyone looking for support around the classic weight loss New Year’s Resolution.

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