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PEScience prices its versatile Cluster Dextrin-backed intra-workout just under $30 after discount

Pescience Introse

We recently posted about PEScience’s all-new intra-workout supplement, Introse, which is built specifically to support and improve hydration and performance for better endurance throughout your workout. In our initial preview of the product, it was confirmed that PEScience’s Introse would feature a combination of essential electrolytes, taking care of the hydration side, and Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin for fuel.

PEScience has since made Introse available for purchase directly through its online store, and while there isn’t much else to the formula than what was originally mentioned, the price of the clean and straightforward intra-workout is more than reasonable. Over at, you can purchase the endurance and performance-powering Introse at $32.99 before any discount, although with the brand’s ongoing coupon code “INSIDER”, that brings it down a little further to just under $30 at $29.70.

With the availability of PEScience Introse has come a full breakdown of its contents, and as mentioned, it has what was confirmed last week in 15g of the quality carbohydrate Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin and a combined 249mg of electrolytes. You get 40 Yuzu lemon-flavored servings per tub of the supplement, leaving plenty of room to double or even triple your servings for even more endurance and performance support.