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Introducing Plant Press and its nothing-artificial approach to energy drinks in Clean Caffeine

Plant Press Clean Caffeine

Plant Press is an emerging competitor in the fast-paced world of energy drinks, and like a few others out there on the market, it has a point of difference, or a few actually, that help set it apart from the mountain of others in the category. The name of Plant Press’ debut and currently only product is Clean Caffeine, and that is also the theme around the beverage, as it takes a cleaner approach, relying on green coffee beans to provide natural caffeine at a cup-of-coffee-like 100mg in each of its sleek 12oz cans.

The active ingredients in Plant Press’ Clean Caffeine energy drink do go beyond green coffee beans, as it also comes with a variety of electrolytes to support hydration, albeit not a supremely large amount, and a full range of vitamins including D3, E, B vitamins, and a respectable 90mg of vitamin C. The brand’s clean strategy does continue into the other ingredients in the beverage, in regards to flavoring, as it does not rely on anything artificial; instead it uses the natural sweeteners monk fruit, stevia, and agave.

Clean Caffeine from Plant Press does a great job at being a multi-benefit functional beverage as well as a nice and clean offering in the area of nutrition. The energy drink has zero protein and fat, a reasonable 3g of sugar from agave, a total of 5g of carbohydrates, and a low-calorie count of 20. That goes for all three sparkling flavors of Clean Caffeine in the intriguing Grapefruit Ginger, refreshing Passionfruit Peach, and a classic Watermelon, which you can grab directly from the brand at $33.99 for a case of 12 cans.