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Packed-out Mega Pre pre-workout could be making a return at Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs Possibly Bringing Back Mega Prea

Primeval Labs has shared a bit of insight into one of its next new supplements, and it is said to be something it has had available in the past — an original product — that is making a promising return. To keep things interesting and fans guessing, the brand has not mentioned anything specific about the supplement outside of the fact that it’s a pre-workout. It has included a bit of a hint at which item is getting the resurrection, saying that “This is actually the original pre-workout; this is what put it on the map.”

With Stack3d being around for a lot of Primeval Labs’ history, this certainly has us curious as to what supplement is coming back to the market, and by the sounds of things, it’ll be true to its initial formula or at least its purpose. There have been several pre-workouts from the brand over the years, and we do mean a lot, with very early efforts like Explosion, Adrenal Rush, Engorge, and Erupt. With all of those said, the one we think Primeval Labs is pointing us to is Mega Pre, which did indeed receive a lot of attention.

Primeval Labs’ Mega Pre pre-workout spawned a few sequels and some spin-offs in its time, including Mega Pre Red and the intense Mega Pre Black. Of all of the competitors the brand has rolled out for the highly competitive space, Mega Pre is the one that’s had the most impact, but it does not have a presence in its current selection. We look forward to seeing how close we are when Primeval Labs reveals all for its mystery product, but no matter what it ends up being, it seems like it’s going to be a big drop.